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Sten Nyberg

Department of Economics, Stockholm University, Sweden


"Social Norms and Work"


Sten Nyberg is Professor of Economics, at Stockholm University, and holds a PhD from Stockholm School of Economics. During the academic year 2008-2009 he is a member of the School of Social Science at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton. His main research interest includes social norms and economic incentives, public economics and industrial organization. He has published in journals such as Economica, International Journal of Industrial Organization, Journal of the European Economic Association, Journal of Public Economics and Quarterly Journal of Economics. Sten Nyberg has also served as economic expert for the Stockholm City Court in competition law trials, and was subsequently a member of the Swedish Market Court for several years. He is on leave from a position as chief economist for the Swedish Competition Authority


Andreas Bergh

Department of Economics, Lund University & Research Fellow, Ratio, Sweden

"The Capitalist Welfare State - What Policy Lessons Can be Drawn from the Case of Sweden?"


Andreas Bergh received a PhD in Economics 2003 from Lund university in Sweden, and was visiting scholar at Harvard in 2004 at the Centre for Basic Research in the Social Sciences. His research concerns the welfare state as well as institutional economics, and recent publications include European Economic Review, EuropeanSociological Review, Political Studies and Social Science Quarterly. He has also published a book titled Institutional Competition (Edward Elgar) and is currently leading a research project on reform process in mature welfare states. He is currently affiliated with both the Ratio institute in Stockholm and Lund University.



Nobuyuki Isagawa

Graduate School of Business, Kobe University, Japan


"Characteristics of Japanese Corporate Finance"

Nobuyuki Isagawa is professor of finance at the Graduate School of Business at Kobe University in Japan He is also visiting professor at the Graduate School of Management of Kyoto University. Prof. Isagawa also worked at the New Japan Securities (Shinko Securities). His research has been published in such journals as Journal of Corporate Finance, Journal of Financial Research and Financial Management. He is the author of Introduction to Corporate Finance published by Nikkei.  He is an examination committee member of Society of Analysts of Japan Securities Finance. He serves as a lecturer of finance at Management Academy (Japan Productivity Center for Socio-Economic Development).  His current topics of research are "enterprise and cash" and "payout policy of Japanese firms."





Petr Šauer 
Head of the Department of Environmental Economics, University of Economics Prague, Czech Republic. 
"New Approaches in Teaching Environmental Economics and Policy: A Survey Results"

Petr Sauer worked at the Economic Institute of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences and at the Federal Commission (ministry) of the Environment of the Czecho-Slovak Federal Republic. Closely co-operates with the Czech Ministry of Environment as well as other governmental, non-governmental and research institutions. Member of AERE, EAERE. Present research orientation deals with environmental economics, policy and management; regional sustainable development and participatory approaches to environmental governance, optimization of expenses on environmental protection etc. In his academic work he is well known for innovative participatory teaching approaches (using class lab experimenting, case study approach and other forms of active participation of students). Author of the first textbook on environmental economics and policy in the Czech Republic and many scientific publications. He has an extensive experience with international teaching.






Burcin Yurtoglu
Department of Economics, University of Vienna, Austria
 "A Survey of Empirical Research on Corporate Governance in Emerging Markets"

Burcin Yurtoglu is at the Department of Economics of the University of Vienna.  He is also a Research Associate at  ESRC Centre for Business Research, Judge Institute of Management Studies, University of Cambridge. His research interests include corporate governance with an emphasis on investment, mergers and acquisitions, emerging markets and antitrust policy.






Tatyana Dronzina
Political Science Department, Kliment Ohridski University of Sofia, Bulgaria
"Conflict Management and Security Issues In The Globalization Era"
Prof. Dr. Tatyana Dronzina is a political scientist. She lectures at St. Kliment Ohridski University of Sofia, Carlos Tercero de 
Madrid University and Granada University.  Prof. Dronzina is also a consultant of MA program of the National Eurasian University 
of Astana, Kazahstan. Prof. Dronzina was a fellow of NATO, a fellow of a Special and Extended program of CEU. She got a fellowship of 
Spanish government for outstanding researchers. She has been a director and coordinator of various projects, most of them 
financed by EU Commission, USAID, Open Sofiety institute. Her research field is security and terrorism. 



Amjad Hadjikhani
Department of Business Studies, Uppsala, Sweden
"The Challenge Between Business Managers and Marketing Theoretician: An Historical Development"
Amjad Hadjikhani finalized his PhD in 1984 and is been acting as professor at several universities. Since several years back he is acting as 
Full Professor in Marketing at the Department of Business Administration, Uppsala University. He has done and doing research in different 
fields of marketing. He is responsible for several research groups conducting research in the fields like, international marketing and business, 
consumer marketing and industrial marketing. Responsible for the Marketing Section at the Department, he has initiated cooperation and conduct 
research with several universities in the world. He has published several books and a large number of articles in top marketing journals.  





Sola Fajana
Department of Industrial Relations and Personnel Management, University of Lagos, Nigeria
" Human Resource Management Across Nations: The Border Perspective"
Educated at the Universities of IFE, Lagos and Sussex (Brighton), Sola Fajana is Professor and Head, Department of Industrial Relations and Personnel 
Management at the University of Lagos. He is a Fellow and Council member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management, and Secretary-Treasurer 
of the Nigerian Industrial Relations Association. Professor Fajana is vigorously involved in research, innovative pedagogies, and academic-industry linkages. 
His publications which number about one hundred are in the fields of labour and human resource management, with special interest in diversity management. 
He was formerly Acting Dean, Faculty of Business Administration, He is actively involved in university governance as member of several committees. 
He is frequently invited to share experiences among academic institutions and industry, inside and outside Nigeria. 


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