Main Speakers

Numerous eminence keynote speakers,  distinguished scholars of business, management, marketing, economics, finance as well as outstanding researchers from other social sciences and humanities have been invited to our conferences in the past years... Please have a look at our portfolio of speakers here.


Speakers invited in the past years: our portfolio of speakers






Berch Berberoglu, University of Nevada, Reno, USA
"The Global Economic Crisis and Its Impact on the United States and Turkey"


Dr. Berch Berberoglu is Foundation Professor of Sociology and Director of Graduate Studies in the Department of Sociology at the University of Nevada, Reno. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Oregon in 1977. He has been teaching and conducting research at the University of Nevada, Reno for the past 35 years. Dr. Berberoglu has written and edited 28 books and many articles. His most recent books include Globalization of Capital and the Nation-State; Globalization in the 21st Century: Labor, Capital, and the State on a World Scale; and Beyond the Global Capitalist Crisis: The World Economy in Transition. His areas of specialization include political economy, globalization, and development.









Amjad Hadjikhani, Department of Business Studies, Uppsala, Sweden
 "Managing businesses: Traditional versus Relationship"
Amjad Hadjikhani finalized his PhD in 1984 and is been acting as professor 
at several universities. Since several years back he is acting as Full Professor 
in Marketing at the Department of Business Administration, Uppsala University. 
He has done and doing research in different fields of marketing. 
He is responsible for several research groups conducting research in the 
fields like, international marketing and business, consumer marketing and 
industrial marketing. Responsible for the Marketing Section at the Department, 
he has initiated cooperation and conduct research with several universities 
in the world. He has published several books and a large number of articles 
in top marketing journals.  



Professor Hadjikhani will be speaking at the ICBMEF which will be held at the same venue at the same dates.



Prof. Dr. Fevzi Devrim, Avrasya University

"Globalization and Harmful Tax Competition"

Professor Fevzi Devrim is currently the chairman of Public Finance Department, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences at the Avrasya University He completed his master's and Ph.D degree at the Dokuz Eylul Universsity. He served as dean of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences at the Celal Bayar University. He is specialed on public finance and fiscal policy."




Selami Sezgin, Pamukkale University, Turkey


"Economics of Conflict in Turkey "


Selami Sezgin graduated from Department of Public Finance of the Uludag University. He received his M.A. (Economics of Law and Regulation) from Leicester University and DPhil (Economics) from the University of York. He is currently professor of Public Economics at the Department of Public Finance of the Pamukkale University of Denizli, Turkey. His work has been published in journals such as Defence and Peace Economics, Journal of Peace Research.


Mustafa Günes, Gediz University, Turkey


"Fuzzy Logic , Systems Thinking and Systems Management"

Professor Gunes is a graduate of Mathematics-Statistics Department of the Agean University. He complete d his master's degree at the Computer Engineerting Facuty of the Agean University. He was visiting scholar at the Wroclaw Technical University (Poland) Berlin Technical University (Germany) and Canada University (Canada). He also was a lecturer at such universities as International Black Sea University (Georgia), King Abdulaziz University (Saudi Arabia), East Mediteranean University (Northeren Cyprus).


Alison Fixsen, University of Westminster, UK


““Simulated Interaction Games and Emotional Messiness: An Exploration of Student and Staff Experience of Group Work during University Reflective Practice and Professional Development Course”


Alison is a Senior Lecturer and researcher in the School of Life Sciences at the University of Westminster, London. She is also disability tutor for the school. In addition to her extensive teaching, Alison is a qualified homeopath and nutritional therapist and an active member of the Society of Homeopaths research committee. Between 1995 and 1996 Alison co-conducted a randomized comparison of homeopathic and standard care for the treatment of glue ear in children, which was published in two leading journals.


Catherine MacMillan, Yeditepe University, Turkey


“Constructing a ‘Christian Europe’: A Nietzchean Perspective”


Catherine MacMillan is Assistant Professor at the Department of English Language and Literature, Yeditepe University, Istanbul. She finished her PhD in 2008 with a thesis on the EU’s Justice and Home Affairs policies. Her current research interests focus on Turkey’s bid to accede to the EU, in the context of the development of a  European identity.


Mirela Anghel, University of Bucharest, Romania



“Communication as a Form of Pluralism”?


Mirela Anghel is a lecturer Ph. D. at Faculty of Sociology and Social Work, University of Bucharest. She has completed BA in social work, MA in Anthropology and Communitarian Development, Ph.D. in Sociology. Author of the books: “Language and Communication in Society” (2010), “Interpersonal Communication in Social Work” (2012). She has written articles and book reviews in “Social Work Review”.  


Angelopoulou Maria, University of St Andrews, Scotland.


“A Cosmopolitan Approach to the European Crisis”


Angelopoulou Maria has research experience in the main research centers of Athens, such as the National Commission of Human Rights, the Jean Monnet European Centre of Excellence and the Institute of International Economic Relations. She has published several papers in Greece and her activist actions include memberships in NGO’s, such as the Amnesty International and the Hellenic League for Human Rights. Her currently research interests are the theory of cosmopolitanism applied to the European Union, the European and Greek crisis, the European enlargement towards Turkey and Turkey’s Europeanisation process.


Agnieszka Pawlowska, Rzeszow University,  Poland.


Agnieszka Pawlowska Ph.D. is the Head of the Department of Political Science, Rzeszow University, Rzeszow, Poland. She took her M.A. in political science and history; Ph.D. and post-doc. degree (habilitation) in political science. She is Fulbright fellow (research held at the University of California, Irvine) and the fellow of Kosciuszko Foundation (research held at the Arizona State University). Her research and publications are focused on e-government, comparative local government and  partnerships in public sector. Her most recent books include: Information Resources Management in Public Administration in Poland, Principle of Subsidiarity – European, National, Regional and Local Dimensions, Regions and Regionalization – Studies in Sociology and Political Science.